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The biggest breakfast sins (and they are not the ones you expect)

The biggest breakfast sins (and they are not the ones you expect)

A cereal for breakfast? Not as healthy as you think. You should rather avoid these popular breakfast classics.

A bowl of cornflakes for breakfast is especially popular with children. However, most cereal varieties contain a lot of sugar and should therefore
not be part of the daily breakfast routine. In addition, cornflakes are rich in carbohydrates and low in fiber, which is why you only satisfy your
hunger for a short time.

Packed sandwiches
If things need to be done quickly, we like to grab the packaged sandwich from the supermarket. The problem: They usually contain sodium, preservatives
and especially many fats. Also, the topping, for example, cheese or send, is usually processed industrially and therefore not very figure-friendly.

Premixed oatmeal
Oatmeal is considered a true health classic. That's right, but you should be careful to buy pure oatmeal that does not contain any additives.
Oatmeal blends with fruit, for example, contain a lot of sugar, which does not do the body good.

Pancakes and waffles
Just at the weekend, a big and hearty breakfast is just part of it. We like to treat ourselves to pancakes or waffles. As long as that only happens
occasionally, that's not a problem, but you should not eat both regularly. The large amount of wheat flour makes fat in the long term and the sugar
can even lead to type 2 diabetes in the worst case.

Low-fat yoghurt with fruit flavor
Even though yoghurt is called "low-fat", it does not mean that it is especially healthy. To compensate for the taste that the fat would normally
provide, the more sugar is added. Experts recommend eating Greek yogurt with fresh berries instead. For an extra dose of fiber, it's best to add 
(pure) oatmeal and a handful of walnuts.

Sweet baked goods
A croissant, donut or muffin on the hand is not only particularly practical in the morning, but also delicious. However, it is no secret that these
things contain a lot of fat and sugar and therefore should not be part of the daily breakfast routine.

Industrial smoothies
Do you have the habit of getting a smoothie from the supermarket on the way to work? Unfortunately, that's the opposite of what you probably want,
because industrially produced smoothies usually contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, it is worthwhile mixing your own smoothie with fresh ingredients
in the morning and taking it with you in a to-go bottle.

granola bar
Sounds like a simple and healthy breakfast option? Not quite. They even contain as much sugar as candy bars and are therefore no healthier alternative.
They contain not only normal sugar, but mostly also honey or corn syrup

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